Why can’t you be more like me

a water massager's is the purest love I've ever known

a water massager's the purest love I've ever known

So I’ve been listening to the new Third Eye Blind cd non-stop.  I didn’t even know they had come out with a new one, but when I was picking up the new Pearl Jam, I saw it and nearly peed myself.  Stephan Jenkins is the poet of my dark heart.  We even have the same alma mater.  Go bears!  That’s how to live…get a degree from the best public university in the world and become a musician.  Well, his lyrics have somewhat inspired this outfit.  A lot of what he writes about is struggle–with addiction, depression, letting go–and not necessarily from his point of view but from that of those he’s loved.  He’s the self-proclaimed moth to the dark flame of so many.  Anyways…on to what you really care about…the clothes.

Play a little less rough…


50L Fridays Reeks of Awesomeness


top: oyakin, jeans: armidi, boots: aoharu, hair: 50L Friday Tiny Bird

While this might be what my mood is like–it’s a thunder storm lately–these 50L items from Reek certainly made my night!  I feel like writing a song about how much I love 50L Fridays. Lots of good stuff this week.  Two awesome tees from Pididdle for the price of one, a cute shirt from Tyranny, and omg League <3.  Also as always, This Is A Fawn’s items are win and the jewelry from Epoque, though perhaps not something I’d wear everyday, is classic.  And…..UNRELEASED hair from Tiny Bird.  I love Fridays.

50L items in bold…

So Many Styles, I’ll never get bored now


Long, long time overdue for a post, but rl and school are kicking my ass atm.  Hmmm what is there to say about the new releases from SMS?  They’re fantastic, edgy, great to play around with.  And this hair from barberyumyum?  Divinely innocent.  I like innocent lately.  More skin I cover the better.  I think it’s that transition back into fall.  Which is about to be interrupted by another heat spell in Southern California.  Just when I was ready to pull out my short-sleeved cardigans and knitting needles too.  Enough rambling, or next thing you know I’ll be talking politics in anthropology and cultural resource law.  Trust me, no one wants to go there.  Lots of pics after the cut.  They speak louder than words anyways.

So many more styles…

Crazy about 50L Fridays

what was I supposed to do?

what was I supposed to do?

As usual, This Is A Fawn has made me happy.  Halloween is my favorite-ist (yeah it’s that good) holiday!  And combine my favorite tee from TIAF and add some blood and you’ve got a whole lot of win.  Overall, it was an alright 50L Friday.  A few things I didn’t get, but I picked up some awesome stuff, like this Psychiatrist’s Shelf from Penny Dreadful Arcade.  It has three poses and a whole lot of crazy to it.  Which inspired this ensemble. And the hair from !lamb is lovely–but what person in their right mind lets their roots grow out that much when they’re a peroxide blonde?

Gotta love crazy, it’s the new black…

Manhattan takes on Royal Blue Fri.days

Take it to the board room, Mister

Take it to the board room, Mister

Ok, so I’ve had an enormous migraine the past two days and just got around to posting. There were a few sales I hit up this weekend. Two of which I think are still going on. The Clawtooth one is sadly over, but I picked up the hair above–which yes is the same hair from 50L fridays only this time I got browns because I think they suit me better. However, I’m pretty sure Royal Blue has all blue items in their shop on sale for 50L. And the Fri.day sale goes on until Thursday–oh yeah…so going back and buying more.

I love Fri.day. They’re like the gap. Simplistic, but classy, and a million colors to choose from. Ok…more like 12 colors. Still, everything’s 100L or less. Who can resist at those prices? Also got this new purse from BareRose. They honestly have the best purses, and this one is another winner because it’s so easy to dress up or down with it! I could go on but my head might explode before I finish, so hopefully these next outfits will suffice. Sale items in bold.

Every day can be fri.day…

With a little bit of Luck Inc times will a-change

Don't think twice, it's all right

Don't think twice, it's all right

I did a special set honoring the great Bob Dylan the other day.  Sadly, it was when SL was having all of it’s issues–wait…when isn’t SL having issues–so not many people showed up.  Probably for the best, seeing as I had only had an hour of sleep the night before.  This insomnia could be taking its toll.  Anyways, I was going to find something Dylan-ish to wear then, inspired by this hair by Tiny Bird from the poop hunt (It was right after I did the poop hunt post and I’ve been obsessed with this hair since).  Better late than never though, right?

For the first time, and it’s SO embarrassing to admit this, I went to DP Yumyum and picked up this A-line coat.  I loved everything in there and really had to control myself.  But seeing as I had It Ain’t Me Babe stuck in my head, this piece spoke to me the most.  I was set on just getting a blazer at Armidi, but this was sooo much better.  If you ever have a chance, look up some Dylan pics.  This is kind of a combination between a wool coat he used to wear and a twill one he favored at times…also perhaps a bit reminiscent of his turtleneck sweaters.  Yeah…I’m a Bob Dylan fanatic.

Want some Luck?…

50L Blast From The Past


I’m utterly exhausted after only getting an hour of sleep last night, but I had to do a quick blog about yesterday’s 50L Friday because it was fab. Here’s some of my favorites. The Clawtooth hair really made me happy because since I saw them back at Hair Fair, I fell in love with their retro style. The Jacket from Milk Motion is well defined and also has that 50s flair. And who doesn’t love the simplicity and innocent appeal of This Is A Fawn? Overall, it was another great Friday.

Let the good times roll…