Wow…that was longer than a week

Yeah, I took a break for longer than week.  I’ve been back on second life, but…the blogging bug didn’t bite again until now.  And wow, I missed a lot of shopping too.  Which is probably good since I’m strapped for lindens after quitting all but one gig.  However, I’m happier.  Much happier.  And in the end that’s what matters.  Happiness and shoes.  Oh shoes ❤

Winter is coming.  Here in Southern California, that generally means that we wear pants instead of shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt…possibly a sweater or a hoody.  So these “winter” styles may not look all that warm, but I’m sweating them just seeing them on my avi.  Oh how I long for colder weather.  But, it should be noted that, as the hot weather withers away, I get less and less sexy.  Which I guess is still sexy…my bf sure isn’t complaining.  Of course he fell in love with the cute, clothed me–a quality which indubitably made me fall for him.  Ok, enough with that sappiness

Outfit 1:
Skin:  {Vive9}  Grace v2 [light] Outspoken (group freebie)
Hair:  {Mustache}  Ashley in Raspberry
Gilet:  {Madsy}  Fur Gilet – Silver
Shirt:  {**DP**YumYum}  Simple long T (purple)
Skirt:  {Oyakin}  Fril-Miniskirt (denim 2)
Tights:  {Pixeldolls}  Emotional Warfare ~ Tights (part of outfit)
Boots:  {COCO}  Riding Boots (black)
Belt:  {COCO}  Wide Belt (Embossing) black

Outfit 2:
Skin:  {Pink Fuel}  Skye <honey> – Scene (ltbrow/freck)
Hair:  {}  Tatum – Scornful Red
Dress:  {Couverture}  AuSoleil Blue
Shirt:  {}  Henley Hoodie (Oatmeal)
Tights:  {Pixeldolls}  Emotional Warfare ~ Tights (part of outfit)
Boots:  {Hoorenbeek}  Woman – Cowgirl Boots – Used Black
Scarf:  {Anuenue}  Mufbon (cocoa)
Socks 1:  {Maitreya}  Toeless Slouch Autumn Orange
Socks 2:  {Ami}  Loose socks (heavily modded)


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