It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My family isn’t religious. Well, my mom will identify herself as Catholic, but she doesn’t practice. However, the maternal lineage of my family is Jewish. So I finally convince my mom that we should celebrate Chanukah, since I’m generally a grinch anyways and this Christmas is going to suck, and suddenly I’m in the Christmas spirit. Also doesn’t help that I can’t find a menorah anywhere here. That’s ok, though, because on sl, I’ll celebrate Christmas. Everything’s a bit more magical here anyways, especially my wardrobe.

Just hear those bells a-ring-a-ling…


Everybody run now

Listening to The Reckoning by 30 Seconds to Mars.  I personally can’t stand Jared Leto, even though I do like the band.  He was fine when almost no one knew who he was.  Now, he’s a prick.  Rates up there with Megan Fox imo.  I’ll stop now, don’t need to waste my energy on a vapid vacuum.  Hmm, Vapid Vacuum…that’s good.  I do love my alliteration.

It’s a well known fact that boots = sex.  Ask any man alive and he’ll probably confirm this.  These thigh high boots from J’s are sex times 10.  They come in three heights, this is the highest, but they’re all rather daring.  And, of course, it comes in a long list of colors as well as two separate fat packs.  So if you’re looking to spice up a short skirt or dress, I would say these are the boots for you.  Or you can be really daring and wear them naked.  Something I might do later.

Imagine if this all came down…