Finally got around to going to the sale at Fri.day. Worth the lag to get in there and grab a few things. There’s even new hair on sale, and it’s fantastic. Don’t you agree? I always go for the banged version, but there’s also one without. With the sale, you can buy the fatpack and not feel guilty!! And pick up some tees…and jackets…and jeans.

Oh and have you seen these new heels? That’s right…these heels. The new ones from Maitreya Gold. I’m dying. I want them in every color. The ankle piece is color changing, with plenty of options! They’re simple, elegant, and so damn easy to wear.

Still wondering why I have 32k in my inventory Atom? Lol. Tonight my friend Atomic made me pull out the calculator and actually try to figure out how many items on average I’ve bought each day I’ve been on sl. We’ve figured it’s somewhere between six and nine. I think I need to replace this addiction with something more constructive like alcohol. Though honestly…alcohol is more expensive. And I love my liver….it’s been very good to me.

Skin: /The Plastik/ :[P]:-LionHeart-HiDef-Fable-August:Bare
Hair: /Fri.day/ fri. – Brande.2 – Scornful Red
Undershirt: /Noju/ “*noju* spring lace rompers shirt
Jumper and belt: /Fri.day/ fri. – Paradiso.Romper (White)
Necklace: /Mandala/ [MANDALA]KAGETORA necklace/Black/
Rings and Nails: /Mandala/ [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Buddha/black nails & rings
Shoes: /Maitreya/ Maitreya Gold – Aequus Black

Poses (L to R):
1) /Fri.day/ fri. – model.pose 13
2) /Fri.day/ fri. – model.pose 22
3) /Fri.day/ fri. – model.pose 10


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