Ok, obviously, this is not my typical style. However, I was asked very sweetly by Keira over at Club Industry to take a look at the hunt they had going on in their mall and possibly put together a blog about the items. Now, I don’t generally do hunts. I don’t have the patience, I guess–which sucks because I miss out on A LOT of great, free stuff. However, it’s only a sim wide hunt and took all of 30 minutes, so it was quick, easy, and opened my eyes to a different look. Overall, a 30 minutes well spent.

As is the case with most hunts, I wasn’t fond of all of the items. I’m a picky bitch, I can’t help it. But, there is a decent amount of swag to be discovered if industrial/rivethead/goth style is what you’re looking for. You also might notice a few names participating…Acid and Mala, Snatch, Fallen Gods? I have your attention now! There are also some relatively unknown names (or maybe it’s just that I’ve never heard of them) which you might hear more about in the future if my guess is correct. Nightshade for instance…I was very surprised by the skin they put out as a gift (there’s also one for men too!) and I will definitely be looking more into what they have available.

If you do head over the sim to do the hunt, hit up the subscribo as well. There’s an additional 5 items to be gained from that! Here’s the slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amberville/187/131/25. There’s a sign on the left that will have any information you need for the hunt!

Hunt items in bold!
Skin: /Nightshade/ -Wednesday-Shadows-Natrual (hunt)
Eyes: /Eye Factory/ Eye Factory – Tech Eyes (hunt subscribo gift)
Eyelashes: /Snatch/ :::Sn@tch Lush Glam Lashes:::
Tattoo: /Fallen Gods Inc./ HEART of RUST core base (hunt)
Hair: /Red Queen/ [rQ]Crush~CHERRY/ONYX
Corset: /The Abyss/ F_Gear//[Black]Pruriency_Corset
Arm warmers: /RunoRuno/ from ~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Dinner Black
Undershirt: /Xelephine/ Xelephine Naughty Shirt
Pants: /Snatch/ :::Sn@tch Superdrop Spandex Pants (Black)::: (hunt)
Goggles: /Forsaken/ -=FORSAKEN=- Industrial Fall Out Goggles (hunt)
Headphones: /Calamity/ +Calamity+ Acid Headphones (tinted) (hunt)
Piercing: /Little Boy Blue/ LBB Amente piercing (tinted) (hunt)
Collar: /SiniStyle/ SiniStyle Posture Collar
Boots: /Tesla/ -TESLA- Kensington *black* Tall Boots

Poses (L to R):
1) /Tea/ .Tea/ just like this
2) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] someone else’s loss is my chocolatey goodness
3) /Fri.day/ fri. – model.pose 16



Am I a total nerd for saying that I can’t fucking wait to get back to school? I think so, but I also think that’s ok because I like being nerdy. …I don’t really have much more to say than that. It’s been a long day. Long night. Long week. Lots of regrets. Time to sleep.

Skin: /L. Fauna/ L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Opium-FR] OO
Teeth: /Porcupine Love/ prim teeth.
Tattoo: /Tiny Bird/ I gve you my heart
Hair: /Sixty Nine/ [ 69 ] MOA 02 – Dark Ash Brown
Vest: /Mustache/ Slub Crochet Cardigan – Grey
Shirt: /Atomic/ [ATOMIC] Sheer Comfort_Pure
Bra: /Whippet & Buck/ [W&B] Frilly Little Knickers FLORAL
Shorts: /Fishy Strawberry/ *Fishy Strawberry* Billy Denim Shorts – Garage
Glasses: /Mustache/ Mustache – Bug-Eye Glasses
Pencil: /Boom/ *BOOM* Boobie Pencil
Hand string: /Scribble/ ~Scribble~ String Theory/White/Hands Only
Bandaid: /Reek/ Reek – Bandaids – Britta Hearts
Bag: /Rbcg/ rbcg. school bag (brown)
Shoes: /Kookie/ :: Kookie :: 50L Lazies/ Desert

Poses (L to R):
1) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] happy meal with legs
2) /Tiny Bird/ Tiny Awkward Bird – Pose 1 (Poop Hunt ’09)
3) /Tea/ /.tea/ whos this looking back at me


I decided to do something a bit “different” today. No it’s not sweats. Though, I know you were all looking forward to that. I will do a “Meg’s a Lazy Ass” post, eventually, don’t you worry. But I guess this just isn’t something I’d normally wear, even on sl, so I’m calling it different.

It all started when I got sent a gift card to *LP* Designs. (Thanks Liberty!) Well, I noticed a few things I liked, but these disco hot pants were the first thing to catch my eye. Yeah, I bought them in almost every color. Somehow they just called to me. I think everyone should own a pair, honestly.

Then, I headed over to TDR. I always do this after the collection’s been out for about a week. Why? Because I’m lazy? Not really, I’ve just been spending a lot of time in clubs lately. Of course, I had to grab the special guest item from Milk Motion. I love Milk Motion. Especially this blazer. I think you remember another post where I wore one, but I didn’t like the collar…well, I like the sparkly collar on this blazer. Maybe it’s because it’s white; don’t ask me.

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Sundust [Dark] Pin-up Starlet 2
Makeup: /Cheap Makeup/ Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Cool Water #16 (Gatcha Festival)
Eyelashes: /Glow Studio/ [glow] studio designs – Avantgarde. eyelashes – seduction
Hair: /Lamb/ !lamb. Ghost – Honeycomb
Blazer: /Milk Motion/ (Milk Motion)
Shorts: /LP Designs/ *LP* December disco pink
Fishnets: /Sheer/ *Sheer* Tights 03: Fishnet Black
L Bracelet: /AlaMood/ [AB] Daring Arm Wrap *Platinum*
R Bracelet: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] ONE-POUND BRACELET silver
Shoes: /Pixel Mode/ [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Silver

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – Chub-My Good Side
2) /Porcupine Love/ how selfish of you.
3) /Porcupine Love/ days never end.


Sometimes, I go through bursts of inspiration. I think that’s what makes me a crappy blogger–I don’t do it religiously, I wait for divine intervention. Oxymoron, that right there. But yeah, sometimes, I’ll just sit around in my sweats on sl like I do in rl. Wait..I shouldn’t have admitted that. Fuck. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do a post of me wearing sweats. Wouldn’t that be fucking awesome?

What caused aforementioned inspiration this time? That would be these boots. Aren’t they just fantastic? Hoorenbeek makes some great boots–for women, too, not just the men. My only complaint is that I wasn’t in love with the black, so I went with tan. Really, are non-black boots going to kill me? I think not. And I do quite like this color. I just like to bitch, apparently.

I went over to the “It was a Blur” sim/exhibit/thing. I like calling it an exhibit because, well, it is. It’s art. Really loved it. So much detail and so well done. Also some great things to buy there. The awesome tattoo I have on is by Pig for the event. Hopefully, I’ll do a more artsy post featuring the exhibit and a few items–but let’s face it, I’m not really all that artistic, so it might be a bit of a stretch for me. Still, I’ll attempt because I was inspired. There’s that word again.

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Cupid-Allure 1
Tattoo: /Pig/ Pig – Everything Will Be Alright (Blur)
Hair: /Sixty Nine/ [ 69 ] ME – Light Mocha
Tank: /Oyakin/ oyakin*antique-tunic*shirts(pinkbeige)
Jeans: /Poison/ >>>Poison<<< Dos70 jeans
Piercing: /Medley/ (Medley)SNF Piercing Set
Necklace: /Dustarzz/ $Dustarzz$ Antique Necklace 01 (Skull) (Project Themeory)
Bracelet 1: /Sole Accessory/ :::Sole Comp leather BRACELET::: (group gift)
Bracelet 2: /Dustarzz/ $Dustarzz$ Antique Bracelet 01 (Heart)
Boots: /Hoorenbeek/ [ hoorenbeek ] Lucille Boots – Tan

Poses (L to R):
1) /Tea/ .Tea/ its going down
2) /Tea/ .Tea/ She said she was moving to Oregon
3) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – 32/265


Look ma, I’m blogging new items!

I think by looking at my blog, it can be assumed I have a small, tiny, minuscule obsession with Shade Throne. Very small. I’m in denial. Anyways, these are the newest glasses from Shade Throne–I’m pretty sure they are at least. And I love them. I never want to take them off. Oh and the best part? They’re studded, so touch them and they’ll stab you. Perfect built in security system right there. Did I mention I’m running off little sleep and am slightly delusional? No? Oh, well, I guess now you know.

Two words: belt whore. Yeah, I like belts. They kind of have this effect of completing the outfit. You know what was missing from sl until a short time ago? Chain belts. So I’d like to give a big round of applause to LaGyo. This belt is fan-fucking-tastic. So fantastic, I bought it in every color. I usually only wear silver, but you never know, right?

Oh, this sweater by Emery for The Dressing Room Blue…pretty fucking fantastic. Ok, so that isn’t new technically because Emery does have similar ones available at their main store, but it is only available for a limited time. I think another week? So get over there if you haven’t already. I don’t want to have to tell you twice. I don’t think I’d remember to do it a second time if I tried at the moment.

If there are any typos…scorn me, criticize me, stone me, just let me sleep…

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Petal [Dark] Cupid-Allure 1
Hair: /Fri.day/ fri. – Deena – Happy Blond
Hat: /Epoque/ (epoque) Baggy Knit Hat
Sweater: /Emery/ Emery – Sweater Animal Print #Salmon
Shirt: /Fri.day/ fri. – Capsleeve Tee (White)
Pants: /Doppelganger Inc/ Doppelganger Inc. – Damaged Peg Leg Jeans
Sunglasses: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] CLAVEN STUDGLASSES (setup 1)
Headphones: /Boon/ *booN headphones for neck plain
Rings: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] POW-POW KNUCKLE – diamond
Belt: /LaGyo/ LaGyo_Basic chain belt silver
Shoes: /Pixel Mode/ [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Silver

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – Chub-My Good Side
2) /Porcupine Love/ how selfish of you
3) /Tea/ .Tea/ only a real woman can handle this


I have been dying to go to the beach. Unless you count living in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area for over two years (and it can’t really be counted since I didn’t spend any time on the coast), I haven’t been to an actual beach in five years. This is horrible. What have I been doing with my free days in the summer? Oh, I know….sleeping to avoid getting heat sickness. That’s right. This is why sl is fantastic. I can pretend I’m going to a beach. No, it’s not the same thing, but my avatar can’t get skin cancer, so it works.

Boom has some of the cutest bikinis on sl out at the moment. Hopefully, you’ve seen them before now. They’re mix and match–there’s two styles of tops, four styles of bottoms. And they come in plenty of colors and patterns. Plus, they’re only 75L a piece. Who can resist that? As far the tube top from Boom, that was a stumblebum item, however there’s some similar solid ones available that do the trick.

I told myself I’d never buy this shirt from Mr. Poet. Not because it’s a men’s shirt. I don’t mind editing prims to hell and back–oh and I did, I did. But because every scene/emo boy on sl has this shirt and then some. When I first saw it, I thought it was great. I still think it’s great, actually; I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t. But then I saw it again and again, and each time it was worn the same way. Boys, please be a bit more creative? Hopefully, I’ve managed to pull off something different with it.

Oh and new tattoo from Aitui called Number 1 Dime. I just cracked and downloaded the Emerald Beta. Love the 2.0 features, but wasn’t willing to put up with a standard viewer or a bugged out version. However, I really haven’t had any problems with the beta and it’s SO much faster. SO much. Wait what was I saying? Oh right, the tattoo. I just love the placement of it. It’s not very look at me–well unless you’re looking at me from behind. Number 1 Dime is a song, right? Just kidding…sorta.

Wait. I completely forgot. I was in Hawaii a year and a half ago. How the hell did I manage to forget Hawaii?

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Petal [Dark] Cupid-Allure 1
Tattoo: /Aitui/ AITUI TATTOO – Number 1 Dime /faded/
Hair: /Posh/ (Posh) ; Im a hipster ; Blonde
Shirt: /Mr. Poet/ ::[Mr. Poet]::Off shoulder shirt White
Tube top: /Boom/ *BOOM* Gnarly Tube-White (Fade) (old Stumblebum)
Bikini: /Boom/ *BOOM* Infinity String Top – Orange and *BOOM* Infinity String Bikini Bottoms – Orange
Shorts: /Action/ *Action Womens Smexy Shorts – Dark Blue
Shoes: /Akeyo/ AKEYO AKIDAZ III (v1.2)

Poses (L to R):
1) /Tiny Bird/ Tiny Awkward Bird – Pose 2 (Poop Hunt 09)
2) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – RV-Baby Got Back Too
3) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – 20/365


Once again, nothing’s new–except League’s Taylor skin with a blonde hair base. Well, the Kookie hair is new-ish? I don’t know what my problem is. I buy new things, but do I wear them before they’re so old that no one remembers them? No.

I take it back, these jeans are pretty new-ish too. Though the jeans were a Stumblebum item, I believe. Anyhow, I hardly take these jeans off. I do this in rl too. I have one favorite pair of jeans and I wear them until I have to wash them. Then I wear them again. But look at them! They’re so great, aren’t they? Really hope Atomic releases some more denim in the future. I’d have to buy them all.

Am I the last person on sl to have bought these boots? It’s quite possible. When they first came out I was going to get them. I distinctly remember this. In fact, I still had the demo sitting in my invo; I never keep a demo unless I want to buy it. Where did it all go wrong? Either way, I made up for lost time and they’re now mine. Though I wish they’d release a 2.0 version because these invisiprims are huge.

Skin: /League/ *League* Taylor Medium -Blonde-Feline- Frex-Cleavage
Tattoo: /Garden of Ku/ CarpeDiem_GoK_soft
Hair: /Kookie/ ::Kookie Hair :: Amber/ – sunshine blonde
Jacket: /Emery/ Emery – Jacket Roxe #Black
Tank: /Atomic/ [ATOMIC] Sheer Comfort_Pure
Jeans: /Atomic/ [ATOMIC] Bleached_Jeans – Vintage
Glasses: /Naith Smit Designs/ (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Aviators -Black-
Piercing: /Medley/ (Medley)SNF Piercing Set
Rings: /Cobrahive/ *Cobrahive* Jaw Breakers (DOOM)
Tape: /Luck Inc/ *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie
Belt: /Hermony/ .:Hermony:. LuckyDeath Belt (Black)
Boots: /Ordinary Design/ *ordinary* Acinonyx

Poses (L to R):
1) /Penny Dreadful Arcade/ (pda) Tes yeux noir
2) /Penny Dreadful Arcade/ esme for (pda) You Could Write A Book
3) /Glow Studios/ [glow] Allsaints – I want it back