I decided to do something a bit “different” today. No it’s not sweats. Though, I know you were all looking forward to that. I will do a “Meg’s a Lazy Ass” post, eventually, don’t you worry. But I guess this just isn’t something I’d normally wear, even on sl, so I’m calling it different.

It all started when I got sent a gift card to *LP* Designs. (Thanks Liberty!) Well, I noticed a few things I liked, but these disco hot pants were the first thing to catch my eye. Yeah, I bought them in almost every color. Somehow they just called to me. I think everyone should own a pair, honestly.

Then, I headed over to TDR. I always do this after the collection’s been out for about a week. Why? Because I’m lazy? Not really, I’ve just been spending a lot of time in clubs lately. Of course, I had to grab the special guest item from Milk Motion. I love Milk Motion. Especially this blazer. I think you remember another post where I wore one, but I didn’t like the collar…well, I like the sparkly collar on this blazer. Maybe it’s because it’s white; don’t ask me.

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Sundust [Dark] Pin-up Starlet 2
Makeup: /Cheap Makeup/ Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Cool Water #16 (Gatcha Festival)
Eyelashes: /Glow Studio/ [glow] studio designs – Avantgarde. eyelashes – seduction
Hair: /Lamb/ !lamb. Ghost – Honeycomb
Blazer: /Milk Motion/ (Milk Motion)
Shorts: /LP Designs/ *LP* December disco pink
Fishnets: /Sheer/ *Sheer* Tights 03: Fishnet Black
L Bracelet: /AlaMood/ [AB] Daring Arm Wrap *Platinum*
R Bracelet: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] ONE-POUND BRACELET silver
Shoes: /Pixel Mode/ [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Silver

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – Chub-My Good Side
2) /Porcupine Love/ how selfish of you.
3) /Porcupine Love/ days never end.



Look ma, I’m blogging new items!

I think by looking at my blog, it can be assumed I have a small, tiny, minuscule obsession with Shade Throne. Very small. I’m in denial. Anyways, these are the newest glasses from Shade Throne–I’m pretty sure they are at least. And I love them. I never want to take them off. Oh and the best part? They’re studded, so touch them and they’ll stab you. Perfect built in security system right there. Did I mention I’m running off little sleep and am slightly delusional? No? Oh, well, I guess now you know.

Two words: belt whore. Yeah, I like belts. They kind of have this effect of completing the outfit. You know what was missing from sl until a short time ago? Chain belts. So I’d like to give a big round of applause to LaGyo. This belt is fan-fucking-tastic. So fantastic, I bought it in every color. I usually only wear silver, but you never know, right?

Oh, this sweater by Emery for The Dressing Room Blue…pretty fucking fantastic. Ok, so that isn’t new technically because Emery does have similar ones available at their main store, but it is only available for a limited time. I think another week? So get over there if you haven’t already. I don’t want to have to tell you twice. I don’t think I’d remember to do it a second time if I tried at the moment.

If there are any typos…scorn me, criticize me, stone me, just let me sleep…

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Petal [Dark] Cupid-Allure 1
Hair: /Fri.day/ fri. – Deena – Happy Blond
Hat: /Epoque/ (epoque) Baggy Knit Hat
Sweater: /Emery/ Emery – Sweater Animal Print #Salmon
Shirt: /Fri.day/ fri. – Capsleeve Tee (White)
Pants: /Doppelganger Inc/ Doppelganger Inc. – Damaged Peg Leg Jeans
Sunglasses: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] CLAVEN STUDGLASSES (setup 1)
Headphones: /Boon/ *booN headphones for neck plain
Rings: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] POW-POW KNUCKLE – diamond
Belt: /LaGyo/ LaGyo_Basic chain belt silver
Shoes: /Pixel Mode/ [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Silver

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – Chub-My Good Side
2) /Porcupine Love/ how selfish of you
3) /Tea/ .Tea/ only a real woman can handle this


This is my attempt to blog about the new stuff at R.icielli that came out…oh, over a week ago. Mostly, I love the new items. Especially, these military jackets and the new belts. Not to say the rest of what came out isn’t great as well–but these two items really stood out to me. What can I say, I love jackets and belts. Normally, I’m not a fan of any shade of yellow, but this mustard, umm…wow? It’s pretty damn amazing.

I won’t lie. It took me three days to put together an outfit. Three days. Mostly because I feel that throwing a jacket or blazer over something simple is much more effective than going all out. The jacket tends to speak for itself, why overwhelm it? Also, the belt…yeah, it probably would have fit better inside rather than out, but I like modding things to hell and back, so in the end, it was worth it. Even if my eyes are red and burning right this second…

Before I give you the specs, I must command thee to go grab this stumblebum hair from lamb! She put her Say and Breeze styles out in a special blonde shade. Possibly, my favorite blonde ever. Literally. Item’s gone on the 2nd, so move it!

Skin: /The Plastik/ :[P]:-LionHeart-HiDef-Fable-August:Freck
Hair: /Lamb/ !lamb. Say – Honeycomb (Stumblebum June 26th-July 2nd)
Jacket: /R.icielli/ R.icielli – GABRIELA militaryjacket /black
Tank: /Fri.day/ fri. – Traveler’s.Tank (White)
Jeans: /LeLutka/ -[LeLutka]-STELLA Jeans Clean/Blue
Glasses: /Naith Smit Designs/ (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Aviators -Black-
Necklace: /Creamshop/ (creamshop) cock?swan? necklace (gold)
Belt: /R.icielli/ R.icielli – VANESSA belt /mustard
Shoes: /Pixel Mode/ [PM] Baby T’s Plain: Black

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – 1/365
2) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – 30/365
3) /Don’t Freat Out/ dfo! [thisthat] over our heads