I just wrapped up a 36 hour work weekend–three 12 hour days–wrapping up a week in which I broke up with my sl partner after 6 months. Oh and guess who came knocking this morning? Not the ex. Needless to say, I’d like to kick the shit out of something right about now. Instead, I shopped and just dressed like someone who just got finished kicking the shit out of something.

Did you know that Action has new, well new-ish, clothes? I didn’t. Despite their participation in things like Super Bargain Saturday and Project Themeory, I never really made it into the store to look around. Finally, I got around to it, and I must say, I’m broke. Thanks Action! No, but seriously, if you haven’t, go there. Go there now. I command thee! The top I’m wearing? Action. If that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is.

Skin: /The Plastik/ :[P]:-LionHeart-HiDef-Fable-August:Bare
Eyes: /Poetic Colors/ Poetic Colors – Endless Summer Eyes (old freebie)
Eyelashes: /Glow Studio/ [ glow ] Innocent. eyelashes – Pure
Ears: /Aitui/ AITUI – (Type 1) Stretched Ear – Human -1/2″
Tattoo: /Garden of Ku/ Tattoo the Birds_GoK_Darken
Hair: /Ploom/ [ploom] Ana – Coal
Shirt: /Action/ *Action Womens Boardwalk Tee – Grass
Jeans: /Mustache/ Mustache – Destroyed Straight Leg Denim – Medium
Bracelet: /Sole Accessory/ :::Sole Comp leather BRACELET::: (group gift)
Finger tape: /Luck Inc./ *SL* Finger Tapes w/nails
Lip Piercing: /Skream/ [skream!] “Block” Piercing
Spinal Piercing: /Puncture/ Imperial Spine Piercing (modded for lower back as well as neck)
Shoes: /Sand Shack Surf Co./ [SC] Surf Couture – Boardwalkers – Sand Shack

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – M-Leaving You
2) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – M-ShyGuy3 PR4
3) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – M-Quiet Glance


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My family isn’t religious. Well, my mom will identify herself as Catholic, but she doesn’t practice. However, the maternal lineage of my family is Jewish. So I finally convince my mom that we should celebrate Chanukah, since I’m generally a grinch anyways and this Christmas is going to suck, and suddenly I’m in the Christmas spirit. Also doesn’t help that I can’t find a menorah anywhere here. That’s ok, though, because on sl, I’ll celebrate Christmas. Everything’s a bit more magical here anyways, especially my wardrobe.

Just hear those bells a-ring-a-ling…

Sometimes, girls cry

Yeah, we do.  For no reason.  It’s not spilling something that makes us cry…in fact we probably spilled something because we were too distracted by how we wanted to cry.  It was one of those days today.  So while this awesome anime-inspired skin from vive9 that I picked up on Friday was supposed to be a “sick” skin, I thought it fit quite well.  The new Grace line looks amazing.  If you’re not a member of the vive9 group, join.  It’s 100L but you get free skins and they’re uber impressive.  Trust me, you’ll be blown away by them too.

Oh, and I had to include panda accessories also from last Friday.  Blame South Park.  “I’m a saaaaaaad panda.”  Though, they are my favorite animals.  Only a panda can make me go all sappy.  Ok, that’s not really the case.  I’m a chick, I go sappy over almost anything.

Sexual Harassment Paaanda.

The Mojave


I went boot shopping the other night and bought a pair that I had been debating on getting. Everyone made them look so good. But when I got them….I was utterly disappointed. Not worth what I spent. Bad metal textures, coloring is a bit odd imo….I’m slowly getting used to them, but in my opinion, I’d rather there were a return policy. Such is fate on sl. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again. This time, however, I went and picked up the new pair of anexx boots to cure my blues from my bad purchase. You’ve probably seen them. They’re everywhere right now, but they’re sexy and my blogging obviously isn’t keeping up with what’s hot and new right now (damn rl for getting in the way), so I went ahead and featured them anyways.

Mmmm boots…