Once again I’m wearing the new Atomic ripped skinny jeans. Do I take them off? Hardly. They really are the perfect jeans on sl. Oh and this scarf? It’s pretty awesome isn’t it? It and the shirt are part of Tres Blah’s stumblebum item for the week. Pick it up while you can! I know I could always do with a few more scarves on sl. I can’t wait for fall and winter again. Scarf season is always my favorite.

As school gets closer, I find myself channeling my inner “geek.” Let’s face it, the look really isn’t geeky, but it’s kind of reminiscent of my rebellious high school days. And by rebellious I mean I didn’t study for my tests or write my papers until the night before they were due. I was a bad one, indeed. And when I say was, I pretty much mean am. I’m almost the same person I was a few years back except I pay for my own clothes now. So, I scratch the prior statement up there–this look is reminiscent of my rebellious college days.

Btw, in case you didn’t know, Urbanity is now Ha!. I just figured this out. Was there a memo I missed? I miss quite a few memos it seems.

Skin: /Atomic/ [ATOMIC] Skin Faith_Porcelain – Spicey 2 FRECK
Lashes: /Atomic/ [ATOMIC] Lashes – Desire
Tattoo: /Aitui/ AITUI TATTOO – Classroom Notes
Hair: /Ploom/ [ploom] Like A Pony – Crow
Shirt and scarf: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Sheer Layered Tee w/ Scarf
Jeans: /Atomic/ [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans – Black
Piercing: /Urbanity/ *Urbanity* Noname Piercing (now Ha!)
Glasses: /Fishy Strawberry/ *Fishy Strawberry* College Glasses
Cuffs: /Ha/ Ha! Spiked Leather Cuff *black* (formerly Urbanity–at TDR Blue)
Belt 1: /Sey/ :sey RJK2 Studded belt =black= (modded)
Belt 2: /Sey/ :sey DekaLogoBelt “LOVE” (modded)
Shoes: /Urban Bomb Unit/ UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Poses (L to R):
1) /With Love & Squalor/ (with love & squalor) castro dies
2) /Glitterati/ GLITTERATI – 017
3) /With Love & Squalor/ (with love & squalor) straight a’s



I’m so tired. Sleepy, sleepy, slee–I just dozed off. But, I can’t go to bed without sharing the newest League skin release. Taylor has been released with a blonde hairbase. It only comes in feline, but the makeup on feline is beautiful, so nothing’s lost there. I couldn’t *not* get this skin. Especially with all the blonde hair I’ve been donning lately. The first League skins were great, very defined. Taylor is, of course, as you’ve all already seen, a bit softer–which I personally love. With a lighter hairbase…it’s even hotter in my opinion.

Nothing else in this post is new, obviously. But I liked this outfit. It just fits the mood I’m in lately. I go through phases with fashion. Sometimes they’re influenced, sometimes they’re all me. This is a bit of both. I’ve been a bit on the offense lately, can’t you tell just by looking at me?

I want to try and put up another post today with the new League skin and some older clothes. I like pulling things out of my wardrobe and saying, “wow that’s in there?” I may not be a fashion savant, into couture, or the next editor at Vogue, but I like my style.

Skin: /League/ *League* Taylor Medium -Blonde-Feline- Frex-Cleavage
Tattoo: /Garden of Ku/ from Tattoo Night Kandahar 2.0_(shadows)_GoK
Hair: /Fri.day/ fri. – Deena – Happy Blond
Sweatshirt: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Neato Sweatshirt (black)
Shorts: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Denim Cutoff Shorts
Socks: /Pig/ Pig- Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White
Piercing: /Urbanity/ *UB* Piece of Simple Virginity
Wrist Strap: /Hermony/ .:Hermony:. – Wristlocker (left)
Bracelet: /Dustarrz/ $Dustarrz$ Antique Bracelet 01 (Heart)
Boots: /COCO/ *COCO*_RidingBoots_Black

Closeup hair: /Kookie/ ::Kookie Hair :: Amber/ – sunshine blonde

Poses (L to R):
1) /Penny Dreadful Arcarde/ (pda) Never Going Back Again
2) /Penny Dreadful Arcarde/ esme for (pda) You Could Write A Book
3) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] if the apocalypse comes, beep me (Stumblebum July 3rd – July 9th)


This is a short post. Not much to say except that once again, go to the Tableau Summer Sunrise Festival while you can. Ok? ok. Now I have to scramble off to work.

Oh, and yes…this is my new favorite hair. I practically never take it off…but I did change my skin!

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Sundust [Dark] Cupid-Allure 1
Hair: /Fri.Day/ fri. – Brande.2 – Anxious Blond
Tank: /Sand Shack Surf Co./ [SC] Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – White
Top: /Fashionably Dead/ from (fd) Racerback Jumper (Tableau Summer Sunrise Festival)
Shorts: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts (Tableau Summer Sunrise Festival)
Sunglasses: /Cheap Makeup/ Motel glasses silver CM
Bracelet: /Icon/ [ICoN]SW Bangle short (silver)Left
Bag: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Striped Tote Bag
Shoes: /Pididdle/ PIDIDDLE – Canvas Shoes – Squeaky Clean

Poses (L to R):
1) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] i am all in
2) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – The Elusyve
3) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] must have been a huge cereal box


Finally put together an outfit from the Tableau Summer Sunrise Festival. Still have another one I wanted to put together too. It’s amazing, so I suggest you swing on over and check it out!–So much good stuff, especially from Sand Shack Surf Co and Fashionably Dead.

Well, it took a while, but in rl I fell into the gladiator sandal fad. My thing is the ones with the fabric ankles instead of the straps. So when I saw these sandals at Atelier AM, I almost died. I was looking on sl for something like them for a few weeks. How could I have missed these? I’ve only been there three, four times the past month. Oh, right they’re on the bottom floor I never knew they had….

Not much more to say tonight. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Skin: /The Plastik/ :[P]:-LionHeart-HiDef-Fable-August:Shy
Tattoo: /Garden of Ku/ Tattoo Kandahar 2.0_(faded)_GoK
Hair: /Clawtooth by Clawtooth/ Clawtooth: Lovely Liz – Classic Brunette
Top: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Romantic Chemise (Beige) (Stumblebum June 19th-June 25th)
Shorts: /Tres Blah/ -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts (Tableau Summer Sunrise Festival)
Piercing: /Medley/ (Medley)SNF Piercing Set
Necklace: /Fashionably Dead/ (FD) Summer Peacock Necklace (Tableau Summer Sunrise Festival)
Bracelet: /Fishy Strawberry/ *Fishy Strawberry* Istanbul Bangles
Shoes: /Atelier AM/ .+*AA*+. suede sandal/long *ocean

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – Chub-Miss Pretty
2) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] i’ve got a secret, a goon one (past stumblebum)
3) /Don’t Freak Out/ dfo! [thisthat] 22.8 miles, you looked it up (past stumblebum)

So Many Styles, I’ll never get bored now


Long, long time overdue for a post, but rl and school are kicking my ass atm.  Hmmm what is there to say about the new releases from SMS?  They’re fantastic, edgy, great to play around with.  And this hair from barberyumyum?  Divinely innocent.  I like innocent lately.  More skin I cover the better.  I think it’s that transition back into fall.  Which is about to be interrupted by another heat spell in Southern California.  Just when I was ready to pull out my short-sleeved cardigans and knitting needles too.  Enough rambling, or next thing you know I’ll be talking politics in anthropology and cultural resource law.  Trust me, no one wants to go there.  Lots of pics after the cut.  They speak louder than words anyways.

So many more styles…