Posts may become fewer and father between soon. I’m just not spending the time on sl that I used to and I don’t really want to spend the money. So I’m working slowly on opening a furniture store…but until then, I guess shopping is going to be a luxury.

On a happier note…Omg Shoes. Yes shoe fair. Took me a while to post an item I got from shoe fair, but these boots from Kookie were just too hot not to blog about. I think I own at least one pair of every shoe from Kookie, so of course I had to buy this one with all the buckles and laces and hello wedge heel! If I were so inclined, I could walk around sl in just these shoes and nothing else–but yeah, I like clothes too, so I’m not that inclined.

Skin: /League/ *League* Taylor Medium -Blonde-Feline- Cleavage
Blush: /L.Fauna/ L.Fauna blusher 1 [Pale]
Hair: /Posh/ (Posh) ; I’m a Hipster ; Fedora Hat; Platinum
Shirt: /Fashionably Dead/ from (fd) Sparrow Dress
Skirt: /Artilleri/ /artilleri/ ingrid highwaist miniskirt
Tights: /Sheer/ *Sheer* Tights A4: Grey Torn
Piercing: /Urbanity/ *Urbanity* Noname Piercing (now Ha!)
Glasses: /Fishy Strawberry/ *Fishy Strawberry* College Glasses
Scarf: /Theosophy/ {theosophy} Tegryn Summer Scarf (Charcoal)
Cuff: /Kunstkammer/ Kunstkammer Glamazon Studded Cuff (store closed)
Shoes: /Kookie/ :: Kookie :: Enya / Black Wash (Shoe fair!)

Poses (L to R):
1) /Glitterati/ GLITTERATI – Long Hair 9
2) /Glitterati/ GLITTERATI – Long Hair 1
3) /Glitterati/ GLITTERATI – Pin Up – 9



I decided to do something a bit “different” today. No it’s not sweats. Though, I know you were all looking forward to that. I will do a “Meg’s a Lazy Ass” post, eventually, don’t you worry. But I guess this just isn’t something I’d normally wear, even on sl, so I’m calling it different.

It all started when I got sent a gift card to *LP* Designs. (Thanks Liberty!) Well, I noticed a few things I liked, but these disco hot pants were the first thing to catch my eye. Yeah, I bought them in almost every color. Somehow they just called to me. I think everyone should own a pair, honestly.

Then, I headed over to TDR. I always do this after the collection’s been out for about a week. Why? Because I’m lazy? Not really, I’ve just been spending a lot of time in clubs lately. Of course, I had to grab the special guest item from Milk Motion. I love Milk Motion. Especially this blazer. I think you remember another post where I wore one, but I didn’t like the collar…well, I like the sparkly collar on this blazer. Maybe it’s because it’s white; don’t ask me.

Skin: /Curio/ :GP: Sundust [Dark] Pin-up Starlet 2
Makeup: /Cheap Makeup/ Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Cool Water #16 (Gatcha Festival)
Eyelashes: /Glow Studio/ [glow] studio designs – Avantgarde. eyelashes – seduction
Hair: /Lamb/ !lamb. Ghost – Honeycomb
Blazer: /Milk Motion/ (Milk Motion)
Shorts: /LP Designs/ *LP* December disco pink
Fishnets: /Sheer/ *Sheer* Tights 03: Fishnet Black
L Bracelet: /AlaMood/ [AB] Daring Arm Wrap *Platinum*
R Bracelet: /Shade Throne/ [[SHADE THRONE]] ONE-POUND BRACELET silver
Shoes: /Pixel Mode/ [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Silver

Poses (L to R):
1) /Long Awkward Pose/ [LAP] – Chub-My Good Side
2) /Porcupine Love/ how selfish of you.
3) /Porcupine Love/ days never end.

Manhattan takes on Royal Blue Fri.days

Take it to the board room, Mister

Take it to the board room, Mister

Ok, so I’ve had an enormous migraine the past two days and just got around to posting. There were a few sales I hit up this weekend. Two of which I think are still going on. The Clawtooth one is sadly over, but I picked up the hair above–which yes is the same hair from 50L fridays only this time I got browns because I think they suit me better. However, I’m pretty sure Royal Blue has all blue items in their shop on sale for 50L. And the Fri.day sale goes on until Thursday–oh yeah…so going back and buying more.

I love Fri.day. They’re like the gap. Simplistic, but classy, and a million colors to choose from. Ok…more like 12 colors. Still, everything’s 100L or less. Who can resist at those prices? Also got this new purse from BareRose. They honestly have the best purses, and this one is another winner because it’s so easy to dress up or down with it! I could go on but my head might explode before I finish, so hopefully these next outfits will suffice. Sale items in bold.

Every day can be fri.day…


Because we can can can!

Because we can can can!

Love, love, LOVE this hair and hat from Rozoregalia!  While I’ve always labored under the belief that any hat was a bad idea, that simply doesn’t apply in Second Life.  So when this caught my eye, I had to have it.  It’s small, but not tiny and all the little rosettes and silver chained buds give it an edgy, yet sophisticated appeal–Yes, I admit it, I’m a prim whore.  The second I demoed it, one word popped into my head: Burlesque.  Which gave me a great excuse to visit *Chanimations and grab the vanity I’m posing with.  Their Flesh Cabaret items are all beautiful, erotic, and in true Second Life fashion, kinky.

The lashes and feathers I’m wearing are from Glow, which is having a sale right now, so get down there!  They’ve got mark downs from 30-70% (most items being 50% off).  And let’s face it, with those prices, it’s worth the aggravation of adjusting prim lashes.

The show must go on…

Pull my strings, pull them tight

The Living Doll

The Living Doll

Showing off another one of my grabs from 50L Friday last weekend.  This dress from katat0nik is amazing.  It’s playful, gothic, and just plain fun to wear.  The second I put it on I was reminded of a marionette.  So I headed over to xstreet to see if I could find something.  I honestly used to hate xstreet, but lately I’ve been too lazy to run about in world and shifting through feeds for a marionette didn’t seem too promising.  I was doubtful I could even find one, but this one’s great.  The only thing I don’t like is that it’s scripted to rezz and not to be worn–not much use if I had wanted to walk around with it on.  It’s minimum height is also 2m…making it a bit difficult to take pictures.  I think they turned out alright, though.

To the puppet show…